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Developer focused

As we are developers ourselves, our focus is on making Currex as developer friendly as possible.

Give our documentation a look, surely you will find an example of how to use Currex in your programming language.

Quality Data

We get our data from various sources, and apply our own algorithm on top, so our rates are not only tied to a single entity.

With Currex you get a neutral data source. Please give the Usage Terms a look, to verify if the data quality fits your needs.

In-depth Information

We provide you with in-depth information about the different currencies.

e.g. the native symbol of a currency or the names and flags of all countries it is used in

So simple: Get the latest rates


function (error, response, body) {
    let responseObj = JSON.parse(body);
    Object.keys(responseObj.rates).forEach(function(key) {
        let singleRate = responseObj.rates[key];
        let singleRateCurrencyCode = singleRate.currency;
	    console.log("1 EUR = "+singleRate.rate+" 

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  • currencies
  • Data accuracy cut to two digits
  • ∞ Requests
  • Use for your free & public application
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€ 4.99 / Month

  • currencies
  • Accurate data to the last digit
  • ∞ Requests
  • Commercial use allowed


€ 9.99 / Month

  • All professional features plus:
  • Expert API Features: Get in-depth information about the currencies
  • Access to our expert member mailing list
  • SEO Boost: Get listed on


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